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Here is a collection of frequently asked questions that we have put together to help you in buying or selling a home. If you have any other questions not listed here, feel free to call or send an e-mail.


Can a home depreciate in value?
Is an older home as good a value as a new home?
is my home mortgage interest and discount points deductible?
Q. Can I back out or cancel a contract at any time during escrow.
Q. Why is buyin better than renting?
Q.Why do I need to be prequalified.
What are closing costs?
What does FSBO mean?
What is a "One-Time Show" listing?
What is a broker?
What is a contingency?
What is a debt-to-income ratio?
What is a Multiple Listing Service (MLS)?
What is a REALTOR®?
What is an escrow officer?
What is homeowners association (HOA)?
What is the difference between being prequalified and preapproved for a loan?
What is title insurance?
What's the Difference between a "Listing Agent" and "Selling Agent"?
why do I have to pay capital gain on my home?
Why is the appraisal fee required to be paid up front?
Why should I use a real estate agent?
Why some escrows charge a cancelation fee?


Are lenders limited in the amount of escrow funds they can collect from borrowers?
Are my mrtgage payemnts deductible on my income tax return?
Can I pay my own taxes and insurance?
How can I avoid private mortgage insurance?
How is interest calculated on a mortgage loan?
How long does the loan process take?
How much time will it take to close my loan (sign the loan documents)?
Is there a minimum credit score?
Must I use the mortgage company that my builder directs me to?
Should discount points be paid to lower (buy down) an interest rate?
What are the benefits of doing a first and second lien conbination?
What benefits do I receive from private mortgage insurance?
What do I do if I receive a tax statement?
What does Prepaid Interest mean?
What does the origination fee cover?
What is a gift letter?
What is a lock in?
What is an ARM loan?
What is an escrow account?
What is my credit score and how is it calculated?
What is PITI and what does it stand for?
What is preapproval or prequalification?
What is underwriting?
Why did my mortgage payment amount change?
Why does the title have to be cleared before I can get a mortgage?
Why is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on the Truth in Lending Disclosure higher than the rate shown on my note, which is the rate I thought I chose?


Are all of my expenses on my rental home deductible?


Do I have any benefits as a renter?


Can I back out of my contract with one buyer and accept a new, higher offer from a second buyer?
do I have to pay capital gain taxes on my main residence?
Do I have to sell to the person with the highest offer?
How should I price my home?
Is my short sale transaction taxable?
Is there a "best time" to put my house on the market?
What are comparables or comps?
What are disadvantages of pricing my home on the high end?
What does an appraisal mean?
what is a 593c form?
What is a counteroffer?
What is a short sale?
What is an "Exclusive Right to Sell" listing?
What is an "Exclusive Agency Listing"?
Who is responsible for making repairs, if any, as a result of home inspection reports conducted for the buyer?
Why should I the seller want to do a short sale instead of foreclosure?
Why should I use a real estate agent?