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Q. What is electronic filing?

A. You may send your income tax information directly to the I.R.S. using your personal computer through your own tax program or electronic filing services like the one we offer in this page. You may also have a professional tax preparer like ourselves prepare your income taxes for a fee and do the electronic filing process for free.

Q. Why is electronic filing better than the conventional mailing method?

A. It is faster, more accurate, and convenient. You may chose to have your refund check deposited to your bank account up to three different accounts. At Ace Tax and Realty, we do not charge extra for the electronic filing process.

Q. Is my private information protected?

A. Yes. We only use reputable and reliable computer programs that have been in business for more than 20 years to ensure consumer protection and satisfaction.

Q. I don't have income tax knowledge. How do I know what is taxable and non-taxable income and what is tax deductible and what is not tax deductible?

A. We have included other informational I.R.S. pages and tools that will help you search pertinent information regarding your taxes. In addition, your tax return is calculated and checked by our electronic filing software before you send it in order to catch potential errors.

 Q. Do I have other sources in case I have general questions?

A. Yes. We offer free general information over the phone or via e-mail. We try to keep general questions and answers short and specific while providing clients with access to government web pages or phone numbers that may give you further free assistance. We are open all year round to answer any questions that you may have. 

Q. What if I don't want to electronically file myself and I would like Ace Tax and Realty to E-file for me?

A. We can still E-file for you free of charge, provided that you pay the regular income tax preparation fee. Our income tax preparation fee is generally 10-20% lower than our local competitors, and we do not charge extra for electronic filing. 

Q. What is the electronic filing fee if I do it my self using online filing through Ace Tax and Realty's web page?

A. $9.95 for Federal tax return and $4.95 for State income tax return.

Q. Why should I file electronically?

A. Electronic filing is not for everyone. Some people feel more comfortable face to face with a professional tax preparer, which is why we are open all year including Saturdays and Sundays during peak tax season.

70 million people file electronically and the number goes up every year. It is expected for the year 2015 that 85% of all tax payers will use electronically filing services in one form or another.

Q. After my electronically filed tax return has been processed and accepted by the IRS, why are they holding my refund or sending it to other government institutions?

A. Some governmental institutions like child support services, Federal Student loan administration, or the Franchise Tax Board may have an order to withhold your refund for past due accounts or delinquent balances that you may have overlooked or forgotten about.